Alfandre Architecture designs and builds healthy, sustainable buildings that are harmoniously integrated into the environment where they exist. As a leader in green building, the founder has a philosophy to make Net Zero Energy, LEED, passive, and sustainable house a standard for every building in our lifetime. Ad Essentials has a shared philosophy regarding a kinder relationship with the earth and the environment where we live.

Through extensive research into passive house, LEED, affordable housing, and building material options we were able to knowledgeably develop consistent messaging. Through promotional material distributed at trade shows including booth displays, a direct mail program, and face-to-face meetings the firm has gained wider recognition. Developed a marketing strategy, and incorporated print and digital ad campaigns and social media to successfully increase exposure. Consistently develop the website to enhance SEO and promote the projects Alfandre Architecture develops. 

Design, update, and and maintain their construction website for EcoBuilders.

As a business development consultant, we interface with the public on behalf of the firm and continue to work with this forward-thinking environmentally minded company that shares our values.

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Print Marketing

A large array of printed materials to help market Alfandre in a variety of settings.

Alfandre Commercial Postcard (front)
Commercial Postcard
Alfandre Commercial Postcard (reverse)
Alfandre Residential Postcard (front)
Residential Postcard
Alfandre Residential Postcard (reverse)
Alfandre Architecture Rack Card (front)
Rack Card
Alfandre Architecture Rack Card (back)


Alfandre Architecture Upstate House Magazine Ad
Upstate House Magazine Ad
Alfandre Construction Contractors Association (CCA) Ad
Construction Contractors Association (CCA) Ad


Eco Builders Inc. & Alfandre Architecture Services.

Alfandre Architecture Marketing Packet Cover
Alfandre Architecture Marketing Packet LEED Office Building
Alfandre Architecture Marketing Packet Energy Star Home
Alfandre Architecture Marketing Packet Municipal Buildings